Introducing Good Finance Credit Cards

Often, it feels most convenient to keep all banking at one bank, and for example, a credit card can easily be picked up from the bank where you handle banking. However, other banks may have cheaper or more suitable credit cards on offer, so it is advisable to check out the card offerings of other banks than your own.

However, if you are too bank-lusting to get a credit card from outside your regular bank, you may even want to compare the credit cards offered by your own bank to find the best deal. Previously, we have already introduced all of Aktia’s credit cards to the delight of loyalists, and today it’s Good Finance’s credit card. Good Finance currently has five credit cards in its portfolio, three of which are available to customers at all banks.

Ease and flexibility in everyday life

Ease and flexibility in everyday life

Good Finance Credit is a basic credit card that can be used with the K-Plussa feature. The card has the added benefit of product security for card-paid purchases. The card also has an emergency cash feature for card loss and theft.

  • Annual fee: Free for key customers, others 39 – 52 € depending on customer level, parallel cards 24 €
  • Interest: 8.5%
  • Credit line: $ 1,000 – $ 5,000

Good Finance Gold – For larger purchases

Good Finance Gold - For larger purchases

Good Finance Gold is a more comprehensive version of Good Finance Credit. Gold has all the features of Credit (Product Security, Cash, K-Plus), but is better suited to large acquisitions due to its higher credit line. In addition, Gold has international travel insurance.

  • Annual fee: free for key customers, others 56-75 € depending on customer level, parallel cards 24 €
  • Interest: 7.5%
  • Credit line: $ 2,000 – $ 10,000

Common to all Good Finance cards

Common to all Good Finance cards

Although the credit cards offered by Good Finance are clearly aimed at different types of customers, they also have a lot in common:

  • All Good Finance credit cards, with the exception, can be debit-enabled, meaning in practice they are combination cards
  • On average, the cards provide a 30-day non-interest payment period for credit purchases.
  • The customer can decide on the minimum credit reduction percentage and the due date of the invoice when applying for the card
  • All cards have a choice of two months free of repayment per calendar year
  • Tuohea with the exception of all of the cards are also available contactless payment feature
  • Good Finance customers can choose their own PIN code

Good Finance offers credit cards for a wide range of needs and applications. If you’re not entirely sure which card would be the best option for your personal use, here are some tips on choosing a credit card.

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