How to Delete a Credit Application?

After you apply for a loan, if you stop withdrawing or do not want to use the loan, you can cancel your approved loan completely. Loan applications are generally made through bank branches, internet banking, sms or ATMs. You can learn how to cancel these credit applications from this article. How to delete a loan application?


Cancellation of loan application via ATM, Internet and SMS

Cancellation of loan application via ATM, Internet and SMS

The fact that you have received approval from applications made via ATM, Internet and SMS does not necessarily mean that this loan has been approved. Since credit applications made through such digital platforms are generally pre-approved, you are likely to be directed to your bank’s physical branch for further processing. Moreover, after these applications, these statements will be sent to you in SMS and you will be called to your bank branch with the necessary documents and documents and your credit application will be processed.

As we said, applications made through these platforms are pre-approved. If you do not go to your bank branch with the necessary documents as stated in the SMS after you have completed this process, your credit will be automatically canceled after a certain period of time. With such application methods, you do not need to take extra action to cancel your credit.

Additional Information This situation is different in banks that only provide digital banking services such as EMPAPA and MAXVIEN . You should contact the bank in order to cancel the loan application of these two banks, as all loans run through digital platforms.


How to delete a loan application from the branch?

loan application

As in the other example, this situation is slightly different. If the loan application is made directly through the bank, the documents have already been completed and your credit has been processed. If you have not yet received your approval, you can go back to your branch and cancel the application. If you do not want to cancel your credit that you have approved and disused, you can also contact your customer representative to request the cancellation of your credit and not use the money. How to delete a loan application?


Credit cancellation proceeds in this way.

Credit cancellation proceeds in this way.

Advice If you do not need it, we advise you not to do so if you are applying only because you are wondering whether to approve. Every credit and credit card application will be stored in the background of the bank and will be presented in your other applications. These applications will also negatively affect your credit rating. If other banks see a loan that has not been previously approved, they may also directly reject your new application. In order to avoid these problems, unnecessary applications should not be made.


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